We are humans who like to push boundaries.

When someone asks “why?” We say “why not?”


Why not try something new? Why not take a chance on your dreams? Why not start a coffee company in the middle of a pandemic? 


Hey… All we’re saying is to live your life to the fullest. Take that leap of faith. Experience all the things, even if it’s scary. Most importantly, we want you to be kind to yourself and others. And we want you to do it while you sip on some good ass coffee.

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Founder & CEO


Head Roaster & Coffee Director



We buy our green coffee from organizations that align closely with our core values. We believe in fair wages, proper sourcing, and the overall well being of the community from bean to barista. Click here to see the most current info on our coffee.

Is your coffee organic?
Although we believe in the practice of producing organically grown coffee, we do not want to limit ourselves to it. Part of elevating the coffee community is to support those who need resources and honestly... a chance. We don't want to ignore struggling coffee farms who still manage to produce amazing coffee. We want to make them better. Purchasing their coffee gives farms support they need to pursue organic certification and fair trade standards. Read the story of how the Coocamu Cooperative in Rwanda got a second chance here.

Coffee Bags

Our bags are made of White kraft paper and aluminum foil fused protective inner lining and LLDPE. The 5.2 mil laminated material offers an excellent aluminum barrier to protect against moisture and air. Since LLDPE maintains its base properties during the recycling process, it is a commonly recycled material.

Packaging & Products

Our envelopes are made of kraft paper and our merch boxes are made of cardboard. Shirts are made of either 100% cotton that is biodegradable or a 50/50 Polyester Cotton blend that can be recycled back into a polyester chip, which then goes through the traditional fiber making process. Stickers are made of matte paper with a recyclable adhesive.


Zero Waste

We make almost all our labels, stickers, accessories in shop. We don't like to waste anything. Even though many aspects of our brand have changed, we are committed to using all of our old accessories before making new ones. Defective labels or paper scraps are kept in a dry-waste garbage bag to be recycled or made into recycled paper. (Yes we're taking that on in the future). Our used inkjet cartridges go to recycling programs organizations like:

Doing Good

We do our best to always do good. In the past, we raised money to donate to the NYC school system, participated in the BLM movement, promoted diversity on our platform and frequently host Instragram Live brewing sessions. Not only do we teach viewers about coffee, but also offer a space for everyone to hang out and talk about what's on their mind. Most of our little victories are posted on instagram and facebook stories. Keep up with us at @silvrcoffeeco

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